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This is a service that allows you to watch unlimited videos of ikebana demonstrations by Sogetsu School Headquarters instructors for a fixed monthly fee.

You can watch as many times as you like, as many themes as they were actually presented in Iemoto's classrooms, etc., are included in the text, which is filled with the essence of Sogetsu.

Since you can search for videos by text number, you can pause for self-study, preparation, and review, and you can also skip to your favorite location.Depending on the video, you can also search for videos by the instructor you are looking for, such as close-ups of the video at hand or shooting from multiple angles.
You can also search by flower material, so you can also search by the month in which a demonstration was held, which is useful for selecting flower materials when holding a flower exhibition.

The demonstrations given by the head office instructors are very useful teaching materials not only for those studying the textbook, but also for those who provide instruction.

↓This is a video viewing sample.

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